History and responsibility – The Wieland-Werke 1933–45

The war years of the Second World War were also a difficult time for Wieland-Werke AG, and the company has historically been aware of its responsibility during this time. As a manufacturer of non-ferrous semi-finished products Wieland was given preferential treatment by the authorities, but still had to work tirelessly for the continued existence and protection of the company and its employees.

Story 091 – 1939 – People

Wieland becomes model enterprise within the NS regime’s planned economy

In 1939, a prominent Nazi visits the Wieland-Werke in Ulm

Although the factory tour by Prime Minister Christian Mergenthaler is a major event, it is not unusual, since Wieland has already been classified as a “NS model factory” and “important for the war” before the start of the war. For CEO Karl Eychmüller – certainly no National Socialist at heart – this visit is probably a difficult balancing act, but certainly an unavoidable compulsory exercise for the further prosperity of his company.

Karl Eychmüller, CEO, leads prominent NS personality Christian Mergenthaler through the Ulm plant. At the express request of the high-ranking visitor, Eychmüller wears the SA uniform.