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Story 023 – 2018 – Sustainability

What Wieland does for the forest

Conservation of resources through consistent recycling of packaging materials

Wieland has been demonstrating for decades how responsible and sustainable environmental management can work: by taking back and reusing wooden crates, pallets and spools free of charge.

Everybody is talking about sustainability. The fact that it has long been part of Wieland's corporate policy is exemplified by the responsible use of packaging materials for decades. Made of wood, they are used as crates, pallets, lids, racks and spools, and not as disposable items, but used again and again in a sustainable manner as part of a packaging materials returns cycle.

For more than 25 years, Wieland has been practicing the recycling of wooden packaging materials. Upon request, these can be collected from customers free of charge – not only a useful service, but also a valuable contribution to nature conservation and environmental protection. Especially since the number of packaging returns tripled between 2001 and 2018 to around 300,000 units.

The resources saved as a result of this practice are considerable; they equate to around 18,000 trees, or 700 truckloads of timber. 144,000 square metres of forest would have to be cleared, an area the size of 29 football pitches – year after year.

Wieland is committed to returning and recycling even more packaging materials from customers and suppliers in the future. This way, we make an active contribution to responsible sustainability, which is more important today than ever before.

Wooden packaging is used by Wieland in various types and formats. In general, they are produced to match the product.

Round pallets for recycling

Before reuse, the packaging is checked for damage and repaired if necessary. Recycling is an excellent solution not only ecologically, but also economically.