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Story 040 – 2007 – Products

The sound makes the music

Special copper wires make loudspeakers sound

Wires from Wieland which meet a variety of requirements are used in high-quality loudspeakers and loudspeaker cables. Thanks to age-hardenable copper materials they make a robust and reliable contribution to good sound. 

The fact that Wieland products ensure good sound is evident, for example, in the case of flutes and clarinets which visibly feature excellent nickel silver rods and tubes. And mouthpieces for trumpets are made from brass rods. Less obvious is Wieland's contribution to good sound in a completely different area: in high-quality loudspeakers and the associated speaker cables.

For an optimal sound, these must meet a whole range of criteria. For example, a very high electrical performance that remains constant over the entire length of the wire. Or good cold formability, so that cable manufacturers can finely draw and strand the wires to diameters of sometimes only a tenth of a millimetre. In addition, the loudspeaker cables must have a high fatigue resistance, because in the very high and therefore high-frequency sounds they are exposed to many thousands of vibrations per second, which must not have any influence on their properties. Only then is it possible to ensure interference-free transmission of the electrical signals, which are converted into mechanical vibrations and thus audible tones in the loudspeaker.

In addition, there are factors that depend on the application area of the loudspeakers. The areas of application range from outdoor broadcast loudspeakers in the Sahara to high-performance loudspeakers for vehicles in the Antarctic. In order to meet these requirements, Wieland produces special wires made of age-hardenable copper materials with diameters between 0.3 and 3 millimetres which, among many other things, are characterised by optimum electrical conductivity and constant physical properties over the entire wire length. And this ensures that good music sounds good, indeed, even under the most diverse conditions of use. By the way, this also applies to the small "ear buds”, which are so popular today.

Good cold formability, fatigue resistance and high electrical conductivity characterize the wires that are processed into strands for loudspeaker cables.