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The heavier the load, the more important the brake

Wieland slide bearings ensure reliable safety

For decades Wieland has been supplying slide bearings made of the specially developed special brass S31 to manufacturers of brakes for heavy commercial vehicles. For safety reasons the bearings have to meet extraordinary requirements with regard to reliability, robustness and durability.

Special copper alloys from Wieland have been established for some 60 years as a proven material for the bearings in drum and disc brakes of heavy commercial vehicles. All over the world, numerous renowned manufacturers of brakes for heavy trucks and their trailers, large construction site vehicles, buses as well as construction and agricultural machinery rely on Wieland's proven and reliable special alloys. It is particularly the good corrosion resistance, the high load capacity and the absence of lead which make these bearings so attractive to customers.

In drum brakes, slide bearing bushes made of the material S31 reliably ensure that the braking force is transmitted to the brake shoes and thus to the brake drum via a so-called S-cam. Over the decades Wieland has repeatedly modified the design of the slide bearings and adapted them to the increasing requirements.

Since the mid-1990s Wieland has also been supplying slide bearings for modern disc brakes. The challenge here is the indispensable mobility of the brake calliper under all load and temperature conditions – and this reliably over millions of kilometres and independent of all conceivable road and ambient conditions. The fact that more than 40 million truck disc brakes have now been fitted with Wieland slide bearings shows how well Wieland guide bearings can cope with these tough requirements.

Constant further developments and the use of the proven material S31 ensure that future requirements can also be met and contribute to ensuring that trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles on our roads have robust, reliable brakes.

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Drum brakes are still very popular with trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles because of their long maintenance intervals and the long service life of the brake pads.

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With disc brakes the brake calliper is shifted sideways so that both pads are in contact with the brake disc. This can be reliably achieved with guide bearings made of alloy S31.