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Pure water is often indispensable

Wieland supplies complete assemblies for steam analysis systems

Wieland Thermal Solutions developed a particularly powerful sample cooler for a large manufacturer of measuring instruments for industrial process engineering. It is installed in a compact new steam analysis system which is used, among others, in breweries.

The quality and purity of the water is an important criterion in water and steam circuits, especially for example in industrial boilers in laundries or breweries. Contaminated water leads not only to a reduction in product quality, but also to corrosion and encrustation of steam boilers and pipes. The consequences are expensive repairs or even the complete replacement of plant components and the resulting loss of production due to plant downtime. Steam analysis systems are therefore increasingly being used to monitor corrosion and pollutants in steam circuits: A sample is taken from the circuit, cooled to ambient temperature and examined for impurities, salts and oxygen.

Endress+Hauser is a leading international supplier of measuring instruments and services for industrial process engineering with around 14,000 employees worldwide. The product range also includes Steam Water Analysis Systems (SWAS). The latest product in this area is SWAS Compact, which contains the complete instrumentation for the most important test parameters in the smallest possible space. The special geometry of the instrument also ensures that three times fewer water samples are required than with conventional systems – reducing the energy required for the necessary cooling of the samples by up to 60 percent.

Endress+Hausser relied on Wieland's expertise to develop the particularly space-saving yet powerful sample cooler. The business unit Thermal Solutions developed a very compact vessel solution with a stainless steel coiled tube in 2017. As the largest component of the steam analysis system, the sample cooler laid the foundation for the considerable reduction in overall size.

Wieland Thermal Solutions now supplies the complete assembly of the sample cooler and with its innovative strength and new product development has established itself as a system supplier in the market for measurement and control technology.

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SWAS Compact steam analysis system

The SWAS Compact steam analysis system can quickly and energy-efficiently analyze numerous parameters of water vapor, including conductivity, traces of oxygen and the pH value.

steel sample cooler of the SWAS Compact steam analysis system

Wieland's compact stainless steel sample cooler (left) contributes significantly to the small size of the analysis system.