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Moving the heaviest loads with millimeter precision

Wieland slide bearings ensure that everything runs smoothly

Heavy-duty modules, which can be combined with each other depending on the intended use, can move enormous loads safely and precisely. This requires hydraulic compensation of the pendulum axles which are equipped with special slide bearings made of special alloys from Wieland.

Modern heavy-duty transports work with heavy-duty modules. Thanks to their flexibility and the possibility of combining several modules, these allow individual adjustments to the transport volume and weight of the loads, which can be up to several thousand tonnes – for example in shipyard logistics, in mechanical and plant engineering or in mining.

Particular importance is attached to the manoeuvrability and mobility of the axles to compensate for uneven terrain. For this reason, the transport modules are equipped with hydraulic pendulum axles which transfer the load to the ground, hydraulically compensating for unevenness. This is the only way to transport the heavy loads safely and without distortion.

This is where grease lubricated slide bearings from Wieland come into play, more precisely at the articulated joints of the pendulum axles. Since the beginning of the 1990s, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty modules, Goldhofer AG in Memmingen, Germany, has relied on Wieland slide bearings made of special brass or nickel bronze.

These slide bearing materials function reliably and wear-free even under the extremely high axle loads of up to 60 tonnes - thus ensuring the mobility of each of the many axles attached to the heavy-duty module for individual height compensation over a long period of time.

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