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Good vision is also a question of mechanics

Wieland supplies special wires and profiles for spectacle parts

Special wires and profiles from Wieland are used for spectacle parts, especially for temples and hinges. They are not only stable, corrosion-free and skin-friendly, but also set hardly any design limits for eyewear designers.

Hardly any spectacle wearer is aware of the know-how that goes into the temples of their visual aids. They should be as small as possible, yet stable and functionally reliable in all situations. And above all, they should be anti-allergenic and therefore skin-friendly. These are requirements which Wieland has long been meeting with special wires and profiles for the spectacles industry.

For example, Wieland supplies round wires made of nickel silver and bronze, which are directly processed by the customers into spectacle temples or reinforcing inserts for plastic temples. High-precision profiles from which spectacle hinges are produced by machining are particularly demanding. These can be embedded in the plastic temples as "inlet hinges". Or they are rectangular profiles that are cleared on the inside so that there is room for a tiny spring. The resulting "spring hinges" are a technically complex and sophisticated product.

Nickel silver has long proved its worth for spectacle parts: It withstands the sometimes harsh mechanical stresses and is corrosion resistant in view of the unavoidable contact with sweat. Because it is also easy to polish or coat, nickel silver opens up almost unlimited design possibilities for eyewear designers.

Because the trend is towards ever smaller spectacle parts – while maintaining the same high demands on stability - Wieland offers a solution with the alloy BC9. In this gold-coloured bronze with a high tin content, iron and titanium alloying additions ensure increased strength – and this is particularly skin-friendly without the use of nickel.

Wieland's customers include companies in the Italian Veneto region, such as the traditional family business Visottica. The company mainly supplies the world's largest eyewear manufacturer Luxoticca, whose Ray Ban brand is known around the globe for style and quality.

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Spectacle temples

The temples of spectacles whose surface have been refined with structures are of particularly high quality. Wieland alloys are especially suitable for this purpose.

Spectacle hinges

Spectacle hinges are complex precision engineered structures. The profiles from which they are manufactured must meet high quality requirements.