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Story 056 – 2020 – Innovation Quality

From the melt to the connector

State-of-the-art testing technology ensures outstanding quality

All Wieland products are accompanied by sophisticated testing technology throughout the entire production process: from the receipt of scrap, the casting process, the forming processes and heat treatments to application-oriented tests for customer applications.

At Wieland, quality begins with the raw material. This is why all scrap which is later recycled into high-quality semi-finished products is thoroughly checked for purity as soon as it arrives in the goods receipt area. Moisture or iron parts must not be present under any circumstances.

After melting, a high-precision spectrometer analysis checks whether the chemical composition is correct - and this down to a few millionths of a percent. To this end, samples are continuously taken during the melting process, which the laboratory analyses within a few minutes. The results are transmitted digitally to the foundry - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A control unit also ensures that the melt level in the mould remains constant during casting, which guarantees a consistently high quality of the casting formats.

In the subsequent production process, in the rolling mill, in the press shop, in the production of finned tubes or in the manufacture of the new products for e-mobility or plain bearings, more than 500 testing devices worldwide ensure that the geometries and properties of the semi-finished products are precisely maintained and that no defects are "hidden" on or under the surface. Various contact, electromagnetic and optical testing methods are used for this purpose.

Even more: Wieland itself has developed unique test rigs to test and optimise products for later use by customers. For example, the contact resistance of connectors, the wear or corrosion behaviour as well as the operational stability can be tested. These are important parameters in order to always be able to offer customers the most suitable product for their application in the spirit of "empowering success".

In the future, new possibilities of artificial intelligence will make test decisions even faster, better and more reproducible, and thus meet the demand that has always been pursued with testing technology: to guarantee unique Wieland quality.

Microscope Detail

State-of-the-art testing techniques such as spectrometer analysis ensure the high quality of Wieland semi-finished products during production.

Brass bars testing

In operation: Two ultrasonic probes with wheels are placed on the forward moving brass rod, with the ultrasonic waves coupled to the rod for testing using running water.