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Story 161 – 2005 – People Care

Developing potentials to the full

Finding and developing talent ensures Wieland's success

In the 200-year history of Wieland, new challenges have arisen again and again, which management and employees have met with flexibility and innovative strength. Because not only copper holds infinite potential, but also all our employees.

Human resources development at Wieland has many facets: from personnel marketing/recruiting to training, employee retention and the classic development of employees. Talents are won with exciting tasks and attractive benefits, optimally integrated and retained by the company. And finally, employees with potential are identified worldwide, accompanied on their way and developed further – in line with their individual skills and aptitudes.

Employer branding and personnel marketing activities start early and long before potential employees apply to Wieland. Pupils, students, graduates and experienced professionals get to know Wieland as an attractive employer with all its entry opportunities and offers. A wide range of media, events and much more are used to get in contact and talk to the target groups.

The approximately 180 trainees and dual students who now take part in the program each year are not only taught technical knowledge and skills - the development of social skills is just as important. The young people get to know themselves better in a team environment and are taught skills such as communication and presentation. The programme also includes topics relating to their own health, social commitment, developing their own creativity in cultural workshops and getting to know technology trends such as digitisation.

Wieland benefits daily from the knowledge and skills of its employees worldwide. The aim of personnel development is therefore to enable each individual to fully develop his or her potential. For this reason, employees are individually supported, encouraged and challenged in their professional and personal development by their manager and the Human Resources department. This includes a wide range of seminars, further professional qualifications, workshops and measures for personality development or management training.

Mobility, innovative strength and openness to new ideas have been Wieland's success factors since 1820. Personnel development makes an important contribution to ensuring that employees continue Wieland's success story into the future.

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Wieland offers a variety of personal development measures tailored to the respective situation. The aim is above all to recognise potential and to promote it in a targeted manner.

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Recognizing and developing strengths together: In regular personnel development measures, Wieland trainees learn skills that go far beyond pure technical knowledge.