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Story 084 – 2012 – Innovation

Clean cooling water for impressive yachts

Innovative seawater coarse filters from Wieland Eucaro

Wieland Eucaro is the specialist for shipbuilding and offshore applications where optimum seawater resistance is required. The Bremen-based company provides an innovative solution with a smaller and lighter seawater coarse filter for superyachts.

Wieland Eucaro in Bremen is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of tubes and fittings made of copper-nickel alloys for shipbuilding and offshore applications. Not least because the company, which was founded in 1993, has succeeded in further developing the already highly corrosion-resistant copper-nickel alloy CuNi10Fe1.6Mn with a view to improve further processing and long-term durability. Wieland Eucaro now has 80 employees and produces and stores 500 tonnes of seawater-resistant pipes and condenser tubes as well as 250 tonnes of bars, welding neck coils, tube bends, T-nuts, reducers and screwed fittings.

Since 2012, the company has also been manufacturing seawater coarse filters for large so-called superyachts. These filters are used for the initial coarse cleaning of the water, which is then used to cool the heat exchangers of the generators or the main engine. Initially, these filters were equipped with round screens and were relatively large, the filter covers had to be lifted with pulleys or cranes.

Wieland Eucaro responded with an innovation to the shipyards' demand for smaller and lighter filter systems: a double chamber system that combines two screen baskets in one filter. The principle not only saves space and weight but also leads to better filter results than conventional filters due to two-dimensional instead of three-dimensional sealing surfaces. And by using gas pressure springs, the now much lighter filter covers can be opened manually.

It is no wonder that this small but fine industry is very interested in this solution.

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Lightweight construction and easy to handle: The lid of the innovative seawater coarse filter can be opened by hand without tools thanks to gas pressure springs.