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Certified quality for a small marvel

Wieland supplies brass strips for the production of zippers

As popular as zippers are, little is known about the special requirements they place on the metal from which their individual parts are punched. Wieland supplies high-quality, certified brass strips in various designs to renowned manufacturers around the globe.

Hardly anyone can imagine that the first zippers received little attention around 1900. This did not change until the 1920s: then this clever invention began a rapid triumphal march through the fashion industry where it is indispensable today. The principle is comparatively simple: a V-shaped part inside the slider causes the teeth to hook into each other when the slider is pushed upwards and to separate again when the slider is moved downwards. For this to work well in practice, however, high precision of the individual parts and certain material properties are essential. With metal zippers, the teeth are punched out of wire and then attached to a textile tape. Certain colours can be realised by coating.

Many well-known zipper manufacturers rely on the quality of rectangular wire from Wieland, often in the brass grades CuZn15 and CuZn30 which not only have excellent stamping properties but can also be excellently polished or electroplated. The nickel-free alloy Wieland-FX9 (CuZn15Mn15Al) is also popular - its silver colour tone is retained even when stone-washing jeans.

Wieland's customers can rely on the sustainable production of Wieland zipper alloys: Their harmlessness to health and their socially and environmentally compatible production conditions are regularly tested by the Hohenstein Institute and certified with the "Oeko-Tex Standard 100" certificate.

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Production steps from rectangular wire to the finished zipper. One of the decisive factors for the quality of the zip fastener is the good punchability of the brass alloy.

Various alloys meet the demands of textile designers. And they are all equally without any health risk.