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A very popular analogue everyday helper

The Wieland calendar’s tradition started in 1930

Wieland has been publishing practical calendars since 1930. Always slightly altered optically, they have enjoyed great popularity even in the age of digitalisation.

When Wieland brought out the first calendar for employees, customers and partner companies in 1930, nobody could have guessed that a tradition was being established that would still be continued 90 years later. At that time, printed calendars were still an indispensable part of everyday life – and usually quite expensive.

So the fact that Wieland presented these calendars for free was much more than a nice gesture. The elaborately and multi-coloured printed calendars had a completely different significance for the presentee than promotional gifts have today. Typical for the time, the calendars listed the names for every Sunday in the church year and the Christian name days.

It is also noteworthy that between the first Wieland calendar in 1930 and that of 1933, the appearance – today one would say "branding" – was changed. If the first edition was still content with a discreetly printed "Wieland flash", the calendar or 1933 already featured a conspicuous, strong Wieland logo on the front and back.

Over the decades, the design and format of the calendars have constantly evolved. However, the popularity of Wieland calendars has not changed – despite all digital progress. Even today, they are still printed every year in a circulation of 50,000 copies and are eagerly awaited and used by employees, customers and partners alike.

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Wieland calendar 1933

The 1933 Wieland calendar was already "branded" in an eye-catching way.

Wieland calendar 2019

The current calendars match Wieland's current corporate design in "Look & Feel".


Wieland calendar 2020

In keeping with the anniversary: Wieland's founding date – 19 October – is highlighted in the 2020 calendar.