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Story 133 – 2016 – Quality Products

A hospital of superlatives

Wieland Cupromed tubes for the Bilkent Clinic in Ankara

The "Bilkent Integrated Health Campus" opened in the Turkish capital Ankara in 2018. Wieland Haustechnik supplied around 330 kilometres of cupromed copper tubes for this mammoth project with special hygienic suitability for the transport of medical gases as well as for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology.

One of the largest construction projects since the foundation of the Turkish Republic was built between 2015 and 2018 in Ankara: the hospital complex "Bilkent Integrated Health Campus". With a construction area of 1.2 million square meters, a maximum capacity of 3,662 beds and more than 1,200 doctors, the complex is one of the largest healthcare facilities in Europe. The campus consists of a central diagnostic center, six L-shaped high-rise buildings with various medical service facilities, a psychiatric hospital, a clinic hotel and an administrative building of the Ministry of Health. As Turkey previously had only 26 hospital beds per 10,000 inhabitants - one of the lowest rates in Europe – the new Bilkent development, opened in October 2018, makes a significant contribution to improving healthcare in the country.

The construction project was also a not-everyday large-scale project for the building services division of the business unit Extruded Products. More than 330,000 meters of cupromed copper tubes were delivered to Ankara from January 2016. The special tubes were mainly used to supply the hospital with medical gases and in refrigeration and air conditioning technology. The seamless drawn cupromed tubes are ideally suited for pipelines in laboratories and medical facilities for many reasons. On the one hand because of their mechanical properties and superior joining technology. Above all, however, they have an antimicrobial effect. The clean, degreased and dried inner surfaces meet the highest hygienic standards and exceed the strict legal requirements for copper medical gas tubes as well as those for systems in refrigeration/air conditioning technology.

Thanks to these properties of cupromed copper tubes, up to 25,000 patients a day in the "Bilkent Integrated Health Campus" can permanently rely on the highest hygienic standards, which are indispensable above all in the use of medical oxygen and anaesthetic gases.

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More than 300 kilometres of cupromed copper tubes were installed on the Bilkent Campus. The tube ends were sealed during transport and storage to keep the inner surfaces clean.